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Case Managers and Therapists

We have extensive experience working with this field of professionals and appreciate how time intensive their work is, which is generally not office based. 


With so much of their time in the field, we know how difficult it is to address the administrative tasks required to ensure compliance and we are here to take that burden away.



Whether it is making appointments, researching key equipment, vocational training or housing for their clients, the office provides the right level of support to facilitate this.



In addition, we are able to assist with typing of reports and minutes to help keep the professional on track with court timetable requirements.



Since mid-2017, we have seen an increase in individuals directly employing their care staff and have offered extensive support to Case Managers in relation to recruiting care workers, including undertaking first stage telephone interviewing through to assisting with rotas and ensuring staff are paid on time.



The team enjoys the variety the role brings as no two days are the same.

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