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Why Choose us?


We have a team of individuals whom each bring with them their own set of skills and knowledge, ranging from:

  1. Design

  2. Administration

  3. Customer service

  4. Quality

  5. Credit Control/Bookkeeping

  6. Recruitment

  7. HR  


This provides you with a diverse combined set of skills, essential for any business.


It allows you time to focus on key areas of your business, purchasing assistance specifically where and when you need it the most, without the costs associated with employing a permanent member of staff.


You do not need to purchase equipment or office space.  All work is done off-site unless attendance at meetings is a requirement.  This can suit start-up businesses or consultants that work from home.  Although we have found in our experience the larger organisations have also benefited, by utilising someone who is independent being available to take minutes at confidential Board Meetings.


Location is never an issue.  In our experience, most of the support can be carried out off-site with the occasional need for face to face meetings.

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